To stay competitive, today’s businesses require constant connectivity, powerful performance, and flexibility for future growth. As game changers like cloud computing and workforce mobility become ever more crucial to productivity, so do the internet services needed to make it all possible.


From Business Phones to Hosted PBX options through to SIP solutions. Customize your voice infrastructure to meet your business needs.

Data Center

The applications that businesses deploy to drive innovation, productivity and competitive advantage require secure, highly available and scalable infrastructure. However, it’s challenging to add services and scale for growth when facing heavy IT costs and outdated network infrastructure. Cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service [IaaS] Solutions provide enterprises with highly secure, virtual computing resources complete with an uptime guarantee as well as back up and security options.

Cable Internet

Get fast and reliable High-Speed Internet

Data Connectivity

Data connectivity.


Free yourself from the management…


The Internet of Things…

Premise Equipment

Premise equipment…

Welcome to Relevant

Telecom Brokerage is a fairly new concept. Traditionally, businesses have been left to request proposals (RFP) from all providers – negotiate through the whole process with the various sales representatives and hopefully navigate this dynamic ever-changing landscape to get what they need. Who has time for this? Providers don’t offer all the same products and services – sales skills are often suspect and the carriers agenda is to ultimately sell to you at the highest possible price. As a Brokerage, we have transcended this combative landscape and bring to you: time, choice and savings.

Expertise in

Telecom Outcomes
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Why Choose Us

With Relevant, you save time, you save money and all while expanding your options. What’s not to like?

At no cost to your business, we fulfill your needs through our establish network relationships. We cut through the red tape, bypassing the sales pitches and negotiations and get you the full array of products and services at more quickly and at exceptional prices.

Don’t play their game – choose Relevant and make your connections matter.